Do You Have the Right Insurance? Discover the Advantages of Customized Liability Coverage for Bricklayers and Masons


Bricklayers and masons know all about hard work! But all too often their employers fail to put in the effort necessary to make sure that they’re protected in the workplace. Is your business insurance coverage sufficient? Does it protect your employees, your physical assets, and your income? Making sure that you have the right insurance can be crucial – and it can also save you money. Rather than opting for a standard business insurance policy, investigate customized liability coverage for bricklayers and masons. While many companies offer policies that are slightly tailored to the size and nature of your business, a customized policy is based on a thorough assessment of your company and a detailed risk analysis from an insurance brokerage. A customized policy makes sure that you are properly insured, and that you pay only for the coverage you need.


What is a Customized Policy?


You may already have a commercial insurance policy that has been tailored to suit the size and sector of your company. This is not customizing; this is just a minor adaptation, and may not be suitable for your needs. For example, you may be paying for the same type of masonry and bricklaying insurance as a company that fabricates sidewalks for the City of Toronto, even though your company only does home renovations, and doesn’t use the same type of equipment. A truly customized policy is written after an extensive consultation with an insurance broker, and a comprehensive risk analysis.


Your broker should meet with you to discuss all aspects of your business: number of employees, types of jobs, busy times and down times, and more. In consultation with other professionals, the broker will do a risk analysis that looks specifically at the kinds of risks that apply to your work. He or she will then work with an insurance company to create a policy that’s customized specifically for your business. It will provide complete coverage for the areas where coverage is necessary, but it will not include areas that don’t pertain to your enterprise.


Reducing Risk


Some risks are inherent, but there are ways that you can keep the bricklayers and masons who work for your company safer. First, ensure that all of the members of your team are adequately trained. The Ontario government has standards for trades training; take advantage of programs that can help to prepare your workers for their tasks.


It’s also important to create and implement a workplace health and safety policy, and to make sure that all of your employees understand it and follow it. Provide adequate supervision for workers, and insist that workers wear protective clothing such as steel-toed shoes and helmets at all times. Keep the work area clear of debris that could be a tripping hazard, or dangerous materials such as asbestos. If your masons will be working on upper storeys of buildings, ensure that all scaffolds or platforms are safe, and that they are equipped with safety restraint systems. Take adequate steps to ensure that debris will not fall onto workers.


Despite our best efforts, accidents sometimes happen. With customized liability insurance for bricklayers and masons in place, you know that, should the unforeseen occur, your workers and your business will be protected.

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